The Idea

The catalyst for the Reason Riders came from a blog written by Hank Fox, asking where was the motorcycle group for atheist and nonbelievers. The full posts and follow up articles are below with links to the originals. 

*These were written by someone outside of the motorcycling community so some references are obviously incorrect. 

"Hey, Where’s Our Motorcycle Gang??"


We DO want to fully engage society with the beautiful possibilities of atheism, right? I just don’t see how we can do that without our own nationwide motorcycle club.

And if you DO do this, I demand to be a charter member! Also, I’ll need a motorcycle. Seriously, I think this would be a pretty cool thing to do. It could also get some serious publicity. (BTW, this back-patch design is a rough approximation. There’s also a  little something wonky in how the E in Riders  came across when I  converted my original to a jpeg. No idea why. Argh.)

Originally Posted July 13, 2013 by Hank Fox, A Citizen of Earth

"Reason Riders Are Really Real"

  You know about my horseback career, I’m sure. But way back when (and  still more in the future, I hope!)  I also used to ride motorcycles. Had  three of them and rode year-round, as my sole transportation, for  several years. Remember this post? Hey, Where’s OUR Motorcycle Gang? I posted my mockup of a possible back-patch for atheist riders, and  demanded that I be given a charter membership if anyone ran with it. Someone did! Pierino Walker sent me an email a while back (I’ve been a while getting to it; sorry Pierino): 

It all started with the concept that you came up with  initially and I count you as one of the founders. If you would still  like some patches let me know where to send them. I just want show the  world that we, as atheists, agnostics and non-believers of all types  occupy all facets of life. I am starting this club to show that we enjoy  fun, the outdoors, adventure and riding just like other people do, but  without Hell or Angels or skulls blazing across our backs. I just want fellow non-believers to come together as a group and ride  down the coastline or ride out to Reno or wherever we as a collective  decide to go. I feel it’s necessary to show that freethinkers aren’t  just a bunch of angry people sitting around plotting to somehow  overthrow religion. I look forward to riding with my fellow like-minded  bikers. If anyone outside of my general area would like to be a part of  Reason Riders in their own location, they are free to use the Reason  Riders emblem. Anyone can get the patches through me, and if you ride  with us, all the better! We’ll keep track of the numbers wearing the  patch, wherever they ride. There are only five of us right now but  that’s enough to get things started and I hope it grows beyond that.

As  Pierino notes, my original design with the Darwin inset would have been  too expense and complex. His design is a great improvement. These are small, 4 inches across, more suitable to an arm or front  patch than a big back patch. I sort of wish the name line  was a bit  bolder, readable from a greater distance. But still, pretty sweet, yes? If you want one, or want to contact him for more information, email  Pierino, who lives in northern California — really GOOD riding country —  at: ktown1213 [at] gmail [dot] com On my end: Patches – check. Pierino sent me TWO. Motorcycle … still working on that little detail. (But then, I have the entire winter to get it worked out.) Wouldn’t it be nice to get a spring ride together in your area?  Cruising down the highway, proudly displaying your colors? Oh yeah,  count me in. 

Originally Posted November 23, 2013 by Hank Fox, A Citizen of Earth 

"Get Your Motor Runnin’: Reason Riders Going National"


If you are 1), an atheist, and 2) ride a motorcycle, you seriously need to join and support Reason Riders. I first wrote about the idea of an atheist motorcycle club a little more than two years ago. I tinkered up a rough logo and a name — Reason Riders — and just dropped it out there. Pierino Walker picked up on it soon after, redesigning the logo and turning it into patches for his motorcycle jacket. He sent me a couple, and supplied them for fellow riders in Northern California and elsewhere. Brian Christian, fellow rider in Buckeye, Arizona, joined in, and the  two are now co-founders, stepping up the pace to take the idea  national. Christian has a Meetup group — Reason Riders of Western Arizona — and hosts road trips for enthusiasts in his state. Walker rides in northern California. Apparently it’s common for riders to be known either by their last  name or a road name. As the leader of a group of atheist motorcycle  riders, and ironically named Christian, Brian’s riders have given him  the road name “Bishop.” So: There is a Reason Riders  Facebook page, where riders post announcements of cross-country rides  and pics of bikes and friends, as well as thoughts on atheism, religion,  life and such. Anyone interested in joining — either as riders or as organizers for  local chapters — can contact the two founders (who are also  local-chapter Presidents).   There will be additional Reason Riders swag coming soon, but  meanwhile you can order the large back patches, shown below, from  Bishop. Look for a near-future post on the group’s Mission Statement, but  don’t let that stop you from RIGHT NOW becoming a part of the world’s  only, first-ever Godless Atheist Motorcycle Group. Side Note: Speaking of riding clubs, Bishop clued me in to an  important point that I wasn’t aware of, but that riders thinking about  joining in — or forming a chapter in their home territory — should know.  There is a neighborly etiquette regarding already-established riding  groups and motorcycle clubs in each area. Anyone forming a group in  their area will want to introduce themselves to the local clubs, maybe  take a few rides with them, before leaping out onto the road with the  new patch. It’s an important issue with all the large clubs, and not one  to be taken lightly if we want Reason Riders to find its own place out  there. And when Reason Riders goes INTERnational, you’ll see it here first.

Originally Posted August 14,  2015 by Hank Fox, A Citizen of Earth

The Bar-B-Que

 The Reason Riders Atheist Motorcycle Group Chapter 1 in Buckeye,  Arizona is holding their first Rally on Sunday, November 15. It’s a BBQ  Meet and Greet to introduce the sitting Officers to prospective new  members and to honor the group’s special guest The Green Knights MMC  Chapter 28 out of Luke AFB. The Reason Riders will be providing free BBQ hamburgers and hotdogs  cooked by “Pit-Master Don” to all in attendance and will be holding a  low speed rodeo for riders. Reason Riders Chapter 1 has been gathering new members and  solidifying their place in the motorcycling community in Arizona this  past year, and has been gaining real momentum in the Atheist community.   They have joined hundreds of riders in their mission to raise funds for  Phoenix Children’s Hospital through the “I Ride 4 PCH” campaign!  They also met with many Motorcycle Clubs at Bob’s Biker Blast in  Scottsdale AZ. Chapter President “Bishop” made great connections with  other groups and clubs and has pledged the Reason Riders’ help in many  upcoming holiday events. The upcoming “Birds on Bikes” hosted by the  Modified Motorcycle Association (which the Reason Riders are now  members) that benefits the less fortunate by supplying a local charity  with turkeys and sides for full Thanksgiving meals will be the start-off  point for the Holiday season. Also coming up is the “Frozen Hands and Asses Ride” just following the New Year. All events will be reflected on the Reason Riders Website at Anyone wishing to contact the Arizona Chapter please use ——————————– 

Bishop tells me they have more than 40 RSVPs at this time. Reason  Riders is gaining momentum. If you’re up for it, now’s the time to get  aboard. 

Originally Posted November 14,  2015 by Hank Fox, A Citizen of Earth

Reason Riders Benefit for Homeless Veterans

 Reason Riders, the exclusively atheist motorcycle  riding club, is holding a blanket drive for homeless vets. With winter  coming on, this is a critical moment. The group will complete the drive  on October 15 and hand out the blankets a few days later. The attached  poster has the details. If you’re not in Arizona but want to help, you can donate here  via the PayPal button at the lower left. A $10.00 donation will  purchase one blanket for a homeless veteran in Arizona, and each donor  will receive a 3-inch leather Reason Riders support patch. I had the idea for Reason Riders a couple of years back, and some really cool people took the idea and ran with it. Reason Riders has a Facebook page, a MeetUp group (with 92 members taking part in rides and events in Arizona!) and an Instagram site with a lot of photos of group events new and old, showing the patches, the members, the bikes, and the shenanigans. Chapter One president and founder Brian Christian — “Bishop” — tells  me there are several Reason Riders chapters elsewhere in the U.S.  readying for official launch. If you want in, contact him directly at More about the Reason Riders here: Get Your Motor Runnin’: Reason Riders Going National

 Originally Posted September 21, 2016 by Hank Fox, A Citizen of Earth